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US Army Using Solar Technology For Energy Conservation

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The growing commitment to solar energy in America has been very encouraging, and now even major governmental organizations are getting in on the conversion from non-renewable fossil fuels. Here at Earthlight Technologies, we are always encouraged to learn about new ways people are switching to green technologies like solar arrays and energy storage. Besides residential and commercial buildings, it seems that solar is even helping out the U.S. military.

Solar Energy in Fort Carson

In Fort Carson, CO, an Army base just south of the city of Colorado Springs is trying to revolutionize how the military generates and uses electricity. According to Design News reports, this base is home to the American military’s largest solar energy collection system. Spanning a dozen acres, this solar array produces 3,200 megawatt-hours (MWh) every year.

The Department of Defense has actually been in the forefront of solar technology development for a few decades now, since the 1970s. Army officials quoted in the above story reported that solar energy generation has helped the military to cut overall costs by securing lower long-term utility lease rates.

These solar technologies are also making life easier for soldiers in the field, helping to cut down the weight of the items they transport. In Afghanistan, soldiers carry flex-film solar panel chargers to help them power their equipment. These chargers have reduced the weight of battery packs that soldiers have to carry in the field from 14 pounds to 9.5 pounds.

Solar projects are also underway in a couple of other bases across the country, including Fort Bliss in Texas, Fort Detrick in Massachusetts and Fort Irwin in California. The military is also working on wind-powered solutions for electrical energy power generation at their various bases across the nation and the world.

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