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Solar Powered A/C that Won’t Break the Bank

Most homes with solar are grid-tied because current net metering laws are economically favorable to solar owners. Net metering in states like Connecticut gives homeowners a full kWh credit for all the electricity their solar panels provide across a 12-month period. The extra electricity produced from the solar array in the high production months of spring and summer can be drawn from during the lower production months of the winter. Essentially, this allows you to use the grid to store your excess electricity without having to invest thousands of dollars into battery technology. Solar installations that provide the grid with electricity in the summer help to meet the extra demand placed on the grid when A/C units are turned on simultaneously across the region.

In this article we will explore some of the ways homeowners can make amenities like A/C more affordable by switching to solar.

Saving with Other Appliances

In the summer months, your most used appliance is probably your A/C. You want to be comfortable indoors when the temperature outside is peaking but keeping your A/C running can make your energy costs surge. A well-designed solar array can cut down what you are paying per kWh significantly so that you can afford to stay comfortable in the heat.

Utilities are expensive, and having multiple suppliers such as natural gas, oil, and electric can add up very quickly with fluctuating rates, service fees, and delivery charges. If you go solar with an outright purchase, loan, or a fixed lease, you are stabilizing your energy costs at a lower rate than other sources. If your roof is large enough to support a solar array that can produce more electricity than your home’s current electricity demand, you can reduce your overall energy bill by shifting appliances to use electricity. Taking inventory of your appliances that contribute to your utility usage and consolidating them to one type of power source like electricity means a major upgrade in efficiency and a major discount for you.

In many cases, solar power allows people to eliminate one or more expenses from their utilities cost. This way you continue to save money on your energy bills while increasing your ability to run amenities like A/C without negatively impacting the environment or your wallet.

Additional Power Savings

As more people go solar, states have begun changing their net metering laws. In the 2018 CT legislative session, S.B.9 replaced the current net metering system with new tariff-based clean energy programs. People who go solar before the state residential investment program expires will be able to continue receiving net metering credits under the current system through December 31, 2039. More mature solar markets like California and Massachusetts are incentivizing battery storage with solar as their policies change, driving battery adoption. As clean energy markets evolve, the future for battery storage looks bright.

If you are considering going solar, or if you are decided on solar but looking for more information about different installation options please contact Earthlight Technologies today!

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