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Commercial Solar Panel Installation

Thinking Green Is No Longer a Luxury. It is a Financial Imperative.

Technological advances in photovoltaic (PV) systems and efficient materials have driven down costs while financial incentives not only put projects in reach, but makes them profitable in just a few years. Earthlight is uniquely positioned to help businesses achieve the maximum return on their energy investment.

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Commercial Solar

Solar Incentives for Business

Adding solar business has never been more affordable.

While the rising cost of electricity continues to eat away at your bottom line, you can hedge against future energy costs by switching your company to solar. With the cost of photovoltaic solar systems at an all-time low, combined with generous state and federal solar incentives, installing a commercial solar system is affordable and within reach of your company. Contact us today to learn how you can start saving money with a commercial solar project.

Tax incentives and commercial financing opportunities are available for businesses in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Oregon. We specialize in creating a system that will reduce cost and offset your energy use efficiently. There are many benefits to adding solar to your business.

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What Makes a Good Location for a Solar Panel System?

Metal Roof

Flat or low-sloped roof. By using a racking system, we can install a solar system on a flat commercial roof.


Clear access to the sun for most of the day. The location should be unobstructed by trees, buildings, or other features.


Adequate space on your property. More space equals more panels for your commercial solar system.


Uncovered parking spaces. Commercial solar installations can include solar carports and solar canopies to cover your parking lot with solar generating power.

Commercial Solar Case Studies

S. B. Andrews Company

“S. B. Andrews Company completed the installation of a 50 KW ground mounted solar installation at 10 North M...”


Prides Corner Farm

“A self-sustaining energy supply on the roof over the heads of workers and products in their shipping area w...”


Marilyn – Union, CT

“We have been very happy with Earthlight. It is a pleasure to do business with such a professional group of ...”


Suburban Garbage Service

““In the refuse and recycling business we strive for sustainability in all areas. This solar project was int...”


Town of Ellington Schools

“Updated five buildings with energy-efficient controls and fixtures, as well as installing solar panels on t...”

Energy Efficiency

Tim – South Windsor, CT

“I am very pleased to say that Earthlight made a great presentation, performed the installation in a timely ...”


Alan & Shirley – Tolland, CT

“From the beginning of our experience with the salesperson to the conclusion of the installation, we were in...”


Swiss Cleaners & Uniform Services

“I wanted to get the job done and that’s what Earthlight did, I didn't have to do any of the legwork. The en...”


Oakridge Dairy

“We chose Earthlight because of their knowledge of electrical equipment and design. They are a local and rel...”


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