` Commercial Solar Financing Through SBEA in Connecticut


Commercial Energy Efficiency Financing Through SBEA in Connecticut

Small Business Energy Advantage Financing (SBEA)

In today’s competitive environment, energy efficiency is a key element in maintaining a healthy bottom line.

For businesses in Connecticut, Earthlight Technology recommends looking at commercial solar financing through the SBEA program. The Small Business Energy Advantage (SBEA) program is designed to provide cost-effective, turnkey energy-saving services for small commercial and industrial customers in Connecticut. The energy-efficiency improvements translate into monthly electric bill savings that typically result in a low out-of-pocket investment and a quick payback.

About the SBEA Program

As part of Energize CT and the Connecticut Energy Efficiency Fund, the SBEA program helps business owners and managers who do not have the time, financial resources, or in-house expertise necessary to analyze and modify their energy usage. Providing specific recommendations for reducing your energy usage, funding, and no-money-down financing, this program will help you lower your monthly energy costs and develop long-term, sustainable energy management strategies.

costs and develop long-term, sustainable energy management strategies.

All types of Connecticut organizations and small businesses are eligible. Commercial solar financing through the SBEA program is possible for the following types of companies in Connecticut:

  • Restaurants
  • Bed-and-breakfasts
  • Private libraries and museums
  • Retail and grocery stores
  • Business offices—including insurance, real estate, and accounting firms
  • Gas stations
  • And many more

For all applicants, eligibility for the SBEA program is determined by an average 12-month peak demand. Commercial and industrial customers with an average peak demand of up to 200kW qualify for this program (150 kW for UI customers. Not sure if you qualify? Call us at 866-499-3084 to learn how your company can take advantage of this program.

How does the SBEA Program work?

1. Determine Eligibility

To find out if your company or organization in Connecticut qualifies for the SBEA program, call Earthlight at 866-499-3084. Since we are an authorized SBEA contractor in Connecticut, we have extensive knowledge about SBEA’s commercial solar financing and qualifications.

2. Conduct Energy Assessment

We will perform a no-cost energy assessment of your facility to determine potential energy-saving actions. This assessment is sent to your utility company for review and approval.

3. Agree on Proposal

In conjunction with your utility company, we will draft a proposal. This document will detail the proposed measures, estimated energy savings, and the complete costs. On this proposal, you’ll see how much the SBEA is offsetting the overall cost of the project. For qualifying customers, you’ll even see how the program’s zero-percent financing option will cover the remaining balance.

4. Start the Project

Once the paperwork is signed, Earthlight’s team of electrical contractors can make the necessary upgrades and improvements to your facility. Once the project is complete, you’ll start noticing the savings on your next electric bill.

Call us today at 866-499-3084 to see if you qualify for SBEA financing.

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