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Lexham West Hartford

Energize Connecticut and Earthlight helped Lexham Save Big on Electricity

Through the energy efficiency program, Lexham qualified for an incentive to help make the project possible. Those financial incentives helped Lexham pay for high efficiency controls that reduced their energy use. Lexham  |  West Hartford, CT


Lexham is a private commercial real estate company with over 20 years of experience in real estate acquisitions, fund management, real estate investment advisory, capital structuring, and market knowledge. Lexham manages, coast to coast, more than $300 million of commercial properties, throughout the United States.

The Challenge

As a dedicated property management group, providing quality and a comfortable environment for each tenant is the top priority. Operating Lexham’s multiple facilities — including their properties in West Hartford, CT — as efficiently and cost effectively as possible is primary focus. This includes looking for new ways to lower energy costs and minimize the organization’s environmental impact.

The Solution

Lexham and their staff had a plan to improve the efficiency of the Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system at the West Hartford property, and were looking for the proper resources to implement the project. Earthlight assisted by first evaluating the proposed system changes for energy savings.

Through the energy efficiency program, Lexham qualified for an incentive to help make the project possible.

Those financial incentives helped Lexham pay for high efficiency controls that reduce energy use by 186,000 kilowatt-hours annually and save $39,000 in energy costs each year.

Project Details & Benefits

By replacing still functioning equipment with more energy efficient options, the program offers a variety of incentive structures to offset the cost of energy efficient equipment that can reduce capital and operating costs. Energy upgrades translate into customer savings on monthly electric bills for the life of the equipment.

Energize Connecticut and Earthlight helped Lexham:

  • Save approximately $39,000 and 186,000 kilowatt hours annually.
  • Defray its investment with a $75,000 incentive.
  • Achieve a lifetime savings of approximately 2,400 megawatt hours.

The electricity saved over this project’s lifetime is equivalent to:

  • 187,280 gallons of gasoline not consumed, or
  • 1,837 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions avoided, or
  • 1,789,617 pounds of coal not burned, or 152 homes provided with electricity for one year, or 351 cars taken off the roads

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