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Glastonbury Tennis Club

Glastonbury Tennis Club Upgrades for Grand Slam Savings

Working with Earthlight for my tennis court lighting install was a breeze. They provided me with a proposal of the lighting design and gave me a full comparison of the energy savings, longevity and maintenance. Steve Eckhouse  |  Glastonbury Tennis Club

Historically, lighting for indoor tennis courts required direct fluorescent lighting systems because of the high light levels required for effective play. The owner of the Glastonbury Tennis Club, Steve Eckhouse, was looking for a more innovative option and chose LED Premium High Bay fixtures. With the rising cost of energy and equipment maintenance, Mr. Eckhouse made an excellent choice to reduce overhead by working with Earthlight Technologies to implement energy efficiency measures.

With brand-named LED lighting technology and a long history of successful energy efficiency projects, Earthlight was their contractor of choice. A total of 99,441 kilowatt-hours is expected to result in annual energy savings, an estimated $19,152 reduction in additional annual energy costs. This project would normally have cost the company $98,424, but a generous incentive payment of $32,729 has significantly reduced the payback to less than four years for all of the combined improvements.

The Background

The Glastonbury Tennis Club is an indoor court owned by Steve Eckhouse, Jack Delbrook, and Ed Baum, nestled right off Connecticut Route 2 . It is a very well run tennis club with lessons that cover game basics to tournament techniques, preparing students for both casual and USTA team matches. The business has expanded over the years, and is touted for their experience in operations and customer experience.

The Challenge

The fluorescent lighting technology was producing uneven light distribution and additional maintenance costs due to the age of the equipment. Steve’s goal for the project was to improve the facility by replacing all existing fluorescent fixtures with LED technology, reducing energy consumption and maintenance costs.

The Solution

Earthlight completed a full site audit of existing lighting equipment and light level readings. Working with Industrial Lighting Products, a cutting-edge LED manufacturer, Earthlight designed a lighting solution that would meet the needs of the indoor activity area. The LED system will provide years of maintenance free operation with little lumen reduction over the life of the product. LED lights will also operate at full brightness immediately after being switched on, in addition to as opposed to the gradual warm-up required for some fluorescents, and even distribution throughout the courts. In addition the new lighting system is equipped with dimming capabilities to adjust for visual comfort and added energy savings.

Earthlight carried out all equipment upgrades which included replacing 167, fluorescent lamps with 96 LED high bay fixtures. With over 35 years of experience in electrical construction, our team of licensed electricians were able to complete the installation in a matter of days. This meant the day-to-day operations of the Glastonbury Tennis Club did not stop for long.


  • Projected to save $30,067 over the next five years
  • Will eliminate approximately 29% of the building’s energy demands
  • To cover the costs, Earthlight secured 0% on-bill financing
  • Maintenance-free lighting for critical activity spaces that require high-efficiency, high-quality lighting

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