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About Earthlight Technologies

The Earthlight Story.

Earthlight Technologies is a family-owned and operated business based in Ellington, CT. We specialize in solutions for residential solar, commercial solar, and commercial energy efficiency projects. Our mission is to make the process easy and seamless. Therefore, our services include in-house custom design, engineering, construction, financing, system monitoring, operations, and maintenance. Earthlight’s comprehensive solutions are affordable for every budget and we offer flexible payment and finance options.

Founded in 2008, we began as a local retailer, selling energy-efficient lighting to our neighbors in Ellington, CT. Competition from the big box stores, along with the increasing demand for solar installations, led us to expand into the commercial energy conservation market.

At Earthlight, our goal is to provide customers with the highest quality products, performance, consistency, and value. This commitment is rooted in our culture and is essential to our continued growth and success.

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sunpower master dealer

We work exclusively with SunPower, a leading supplier of photovoltaic (PV) solar panels and equipment around the world. As a certified installer and SunPower Master Dealer, we receive invaluable support and training straight from the manufacturer, which allows us to install the best solar systems for our customers.



Certifications and Memberships

Our team of electricians, solar installers, and technicians have deep experience and knowledge in the fields of solar generation and energy conservation. We regularly send our team through certifications, training, and continuing education to ensure we remain current on the industry’s best practices.

We are licensed as a Master Electrician in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, and Oregon.
We are certified by the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) as a PV Installation Professional.

We are proud members of the Independent Electrical Contractors of New England, Inc. (IEC-NE). IEC serves as our region’s premier trade association representing us in Connecticut and Massachusetts.

As we continue to grow our business, IEC has played an intricate part in helping us navigate the electrical industry and allowing our voice to be heard at the state and federal levels. IEC has robust electrical apprentice training program helping our technicians achieve higher education and become fully licensed electricians. The existence of IEC New England continues to serve as a great resource for us as we provide the highest quality electrical services to our valued customers.

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Our Service Area

We offer residential and commercial solar services to our neighbors in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Oregon. In addition to our solar service, we also provie free energy efficiency evaluations and sevices.

Our Locations

Prides Corner Farm

“A self-sustaining energy supply on the roof over the heads of workers and products in their shipping area w...”

Commercial Solar

Town of Ellington Schools

“Updated five buildings with energy-efficient controls and fixtures, as well as installing solar panels on t...”

Commercial Solar

Tim – South Windsor, CT

“I am very pleased to say that Earthlight made a great presentation, performed the installation in a timely ...”

Residential Solar

Alan & Shirley – Tolland, CT

“From the beginning of our experience with the salesperson to the conclusion of the installation, we were in...”

Residential Solar

Marilyn – Union, CT

“We have been very happy with Earthlight. It is a pleasure to do business with such a professional group of ...”

Residential Solar

S. B. Andrews Company

“S. B. Andrews Company completed the installation of a 50 KW ground mounted solar installation at 10 North M...”

Commercial Solar

Swiss Cleaners & Uniform Services

“I wanted to get the job done and that’s what Earthlight did, I didn't have to do any of the legwork. The en...”

Commercial Solar

Oakridge Dairy

“We chose Earthlight because of their knowledge of electrical equipment and design. They are a local and rel...”

Commercial Solar

Joseph – Ware, MA

“Earthlight’s installation crew were very polite and treated my property as if it was their own. The whole p...”

Residential Solar

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