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Solar For Your Farm

Solar Energy for Farms

Thousands of farmers across the United States are enjoying clean, free energy powered by the sun. From small family farms to large commercial operations, agriculture solar is expanding to help cut monthly costs, reduce overhead expenses, and offer protection against rising energy costs. Learn how you can better use the sun’s power to run your operation.

Benefits of Switching to Solar

  • Reduce monthly energy costs
  • Secure your farm’s future
  • Increase property value
  • Help the environment
  • Enjoy financial incentives like tax credits and accelerated depreciation
  • Rely on generous USDA grants

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Save on your farm’s solar panels

Thanks to the USDA Renewable Energy for America Program (REAP), eligible farmers can apply for a federal grant to cover the costs of your solar installation. This makes agriculture solar systems within reach of most farmers, giving you a bright future for your farm.

If your farm qualifies for the REAP program, we will help you receive the grant to limit the cost of your project. Since funds are limited each year, the application process is competitive, and it’s helpful to have an experienced solar contractor on your side. Our team will handle all the paperwork and application requirements so you can receive as much grant money as possible.

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Featured Project: Oakridge Dairy

In 2016, we helped Oakridge Dairy, the largest dairy farm and a leader of sustainable farming here in CT, reduce their energy usage from the grid by 75%. Through lighting upgrades and installing a solar system, we helped them reduce their carbon footprint by 227 tons. With a USDA grant and federal tax credits, they saved 47% of the installation price of their solar system.

  • 752 solar panels
  • Annual Electricity Savings of $41,935
  • Estimated Payback in 5 years

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“We chose Earthlight because of their knowledge of electrical equipment and design. They are a local and reliable contractor that will be around to service us in the future.”
Seth Bahler, Oakridge Dairy

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