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New King Inc.

New King Inc. Serves Up Savings With Earthlight

I wanted to get the job done and that’s what Earthlight did, I didn't have to do any of the legwork. The entire project was turnkey, simple and easy to understand. John Muirhead  |  New King Inc., Burger King® franchisee

The Background

New King a privately-held corporation based in Wethersfield, operates his seven Burger King franchises in Newington, Vernon, Wethersfield, East Hartford, Berlin, Hartford and Rockville. The company is run by a father-son partnership that first opened in 1980, only four years after John Muirhead’s first taste of a Whopper. The family business has expanded over the years, and is touted for their experience in operations and customer experience.

The Challenge

On top of day to day operating expenses, Burger King® franchisees are faced with monthly fees, such as adverting and sales royalties. These expenses combined with rising minimum wage, costs of goods, and an unpredictable economy, have franchisees seeking options to reduce their bottom line. Reducing energy consumption and maintenance costs associated with operating expenses in particular was a big priority for New King.

The Solution

An important aspect of this project included finding ways to make its operation more energy efficient which did not involve a significant upfront expenditure. Earthlight’s energy engineers were able to provide an energy solution with a strong return on investment which made it the clear choice for New King Inc.

With brand-named LED lighting technology and a long history of successful energy efficiency projects, Earthlight was their contractor of choice. A total of 46,708 kilowatt-hours is expected to result in annual energy savings, amounting to an estimated $6,698 in additional annual energy costs. And while the equipment involved would normally have cost the company $36,461 to install, an incentive payment of $13,387 has significantly reduced that figure to a point where all the combined improvements are expected to pay for themselves in less than four years.

The Benefits:

  • Projected to save $10,050 over the next five years
  • Will eliminate approximately 20% of the building’s energy demands
  • To cover the costs, Earthlight secured 0% on-bill financing
  • Maintenance-free lighting for critical activity spaces that require high-efficiency, high-quality lighting

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